All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and disciple the nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  Matthew 28:18-20

Our Mission

Birthed with a passion to obey the Great Commission, Missio Global Ministries works to fulfill the vision God has given to us of reaching and discipling one million people for Christ worldwide. But how can this be accomplished? How can it be possible the reach and disciple one million people?

The answer lies in the power of multiplication. The Lord led us to seek partnerships with local churches around the world to establish 100 schools of ministry, with each school having a goal of training 100 ministers, and each graduate's mission in life being to reach and disciple at least 100 people for Christ.   This simple multiplication will yield one million disciples for Christ!

The primary tool to fulfill our mission is the Missio Global School of Ministry (MGSOM), a church-based ministry training school that is led by the local church leadership. Missio Global partners with church leaders around the world to establish a School of Ministry right in their church. This enables the church to effectively train their members, reach their community, start new churches, and even to send missionaries.  Local church leaders have the responsibility to equip their members and send workers to this needy world. The Missio Global School of Ministry is a valuable instrument to help the local church fulfill this call from the Lord.

Pastor Júlio César Almeida, Founding Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Garanhuns, Brazil

Pastor Júlio César Almeida, Founding Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Garanhuns, Brazil

Missio Global School of Ministry is just what we were looking for in leadership training. It has transformed our local church and is the vehicle that is enabling us to prepare leaders who will initiate new ministries and plant new churches in this least reached area of Brazil.


When Dr. Simmons was a lead pastor, there were many people in his church who wanted to be trained for ministry, but were not able to leave their homes, jobs, and family to go to a Bible School or Seminary. To meet this need Dr. Simmons established and led a school of ministry in his church. 

After nine years of refinement and with many graduates functioning in ministry, the initial school of ministry formed the basis of the Missio Global School of Ministry. Additionally, Dr. Simmons’ doctoral dissertation was based on designing a local church based ministry training school model as a means of equipping pastors, church planters, and missionaries and sending them into the harvest. His research was vital in the continued development of the MGSOM.

The process to expand Missio Global Schools of Ministry internationally began in earnest in 2012 when Scott and Sherri Dalton began working with Dr. Simmons to rewrite and further develop the curriculum. The Daltons initiated the first MGSOM outside of the United States in Garanhuns, Brazil, which serves as the prototype for the current Schools of Ministry.

our progress

Since its inception in 2009, Missio Global Ministries has accomplished the following:

  • Completed the total rewrite and development of the 672-page Missio Global School of Ministry three-year curriculum.
  • Translated the entire curriculum into Portuguese and field tested it in a church-based school in Brazil.
  • Translated the first year of the curriculum into Swahili, the language of eastern Africa. 
  • Translated the first year of the curriculum into Farsi, the language of Iran and other countries.
  • In process of completing the first year of the curriculum in Russian.
  • Established Schools of Ministry in the United States, Brazil, Ukraine, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Turkey and Kenya.
  • Established and graduated the first class of a M.A. in Christian Leadership. 

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